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How to Succeed Selling Using the Internet


Topic Discussion

Background and explanation of why the sale via the Internet more effectively and efficiently for sellers and buyers

The need for early and kind of business

Creating an online store that can be trusted by potential buyer

Promotions, transactions via the internet, delivery, security, customer handling, accounting.

Tips, conclusions and discussion

1. Background and explanation of why the sale via the Internet more effectively and efficiently for sellers and buyers

Can be done anytime and anywhere be it at work, at leisure, at home, and no matter where we were during the life

Use of the Internet in Indonesia has reached 20 million registered users and is supported with cheap internet programs are already widely available.

Make it easy for buyers from outside the island and even abroad

Providing comfort and security buyers to purchase goods

No need to rent a shop, all is clear and verifiable address will believe

Availability of internet banking facilities and delivery services to facilitate transactions

The availability of many advertising website to promote products or goods sold and the majority of the free.

2. The need for early and kind of business

Actual intentions and willingness.

Computer / notebook is equipped with HSDPA modem and unlimited internet access (internet for a flat fee per month)

Having clearly addresses that can be proved in general and mobile phones.

The website, highly recommended websites with their own domain to open an online store, email, and yahoo messenger, internet banking

Having a focused line of business (recommended for items sold no more than Rp. 1,000,000 to build buyer confidence) and are easy to be sent through a courier service

Type of startup:

Selling clothing, snacks, jewelry and accessories

Computers, the Internet, software, electronics, telecommunications

Crafts, pearls, books, tapes and other


3. Creating an online store that can be trusted by potential buyer

There clearly addresses that can be proved

Channels of communication via telephone, cell phone, email, and yahoo messenger

Products and prices are always updated and continue to be promoted

Speed ​​in responding to questions and orders and to provide confirmation of receipt of payment and proof of delivery can be tracked via the website

Goods sold are always in good condition and can always guarantee if any item is damaged or does not match the description

Join a few forums and mailing lists associated with the sale of your products

Do not use a blog as a website is a plus

Advertising on the website to pay such premium ads, banners, etc.

4. Overview of How to Create an Online Store

Download the installation guide online stores / pm

Upload your web site (using filezila download

Go to your web domain and do the installation according to the instructions

Sign in to your store admin, update settings such as store name, store logo, store address, bank account, how to shop, the terms and conditions

Go to payment, choose the type of currency used along with conversion (if more than one currency)

Log in to catalog, define your product category and fill with: image, description, price, discount purchase amount.

Enter the name of the shipping and setting the region, province, type of delivery and shipping each region

Log into modules: enable some features and configure

Change the default image, and footer links

5. Promotions, transactions via the internet, delivery, security, customer handling, accounting.

Promote your products and website every day with a 3 time: At 10 am, 12:30 pm Jam, and at 4 pm at which time the internet access is quite widely used by people in general.
Address classified ads include:

Create one yahoo email for promotion at yahoogroups miling list (mailing list)

Create one for gmail email promotions related forums your business type

Create an account advised internet banking more than one bank to facilitate prospective buyers: BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BSM, Muamalat, BII, and Bank Mega

Delivery can be done via tiki JNE, Pos Indonesia, RPX, Pahala Express, Mex Barlian and others. Ensuring that goods could pick your place and no checks shipping facilities via the website.

If necessary, create a credit card account but also for productive things, like for PayPal registration requirement (for which you want to sell software to the rest of the World)

If businesses have started no results, develop a hiring couriers, administrative, online sales, general and also advertise products or goods by air ads pay (premium ads, banners, text links on reputable websites, SMS advertising in, etc.)

Identify prospective purchasers as to which buyers will also seek to identify the seller

No need to waste time responding to buyer demand and capacity beyond ridiculous. Fraudsters can only deceive the greedy.

Provide facilities to be paid to the buyer in place that is one area with us, whether charged or not, this is to prove that our online store can be trusted

Invite buyers to come to us even though we store near clothesline pole though, as long as we explain what our business is no problem, now people are much aware that buying and selling on the internet does not have to have a store in the mall building.

To be honest, and tell the truth about the products or goods you are selling, do not let you sell goods re condition but for fear people will not tell you to buy new stuff, it will be the destroyer of your efforts were very effective (latency)

If there are complaints or requests for support, do as soon as possible.

Update status via website purchases and shipping status

Periodically required to back up your store database

Always include invoices in any goods delivered

Do not ever push buyers and prospective buyers, and do promotions with promotional gimmick and with the threat of "tomorrow prices go up" because it is effective enough to make a potential buyer does not care about your ad

Take a little profit, sales quantity chase, unless you sell rare items.

If the price is not negotiable premises sense, just explain that your capital so (plus expenses), and also ask where the prospective buyer gets a price as our reference to find suppliers that are more competitive (vendor evaluation)

If it should explain how capital terpojol how to take advantage, it would not hurt at all, but if it is not necessary better not tell how much of your capital and your profits.

Record all purchases and inventory

Record all sales receipts, goods out

Record all costs

Perform your evaluation of net income each month with the components:

Proceeds from the sale (net of discounts and taxes) (+)

Expenditures for the purchase of goods (after the ending inventory minus) (-)

Gain (loss) on gross

General and administrative costs (-)

Cost of sales (-)

Income (loss) from operations

Revenue and other costs (-)

Income (loss) before tax effort

6. Tips, conclusions and discussion

Avoid the type of business with a MLM system because you will drain your time and money for socializing here and there, if ya still in love with MLM MLM follow a clear and reasonable. Suppose MLM pulse with a profit of Rp. 500 per pulse, the price is not competitive then to get a bonus of hundreds of millions of business should be to recruit to recruit, hire charges had not yet reached the target you've soared.

Give room to another website put ads on the pages, such as those held by and advertising is effective enough to finance an extension of the website domain and hosting your website.

As much as possible Yahoo messenger always online, quick response to incoming email just asking whether or orders.

Never diskriminasikan person because of ethnicity, race, and religion, if we do that then it is a powerful way to narrow the sales opportunities.

Get to know your prospects and selection, sometimes there's only competitor just wondering to make dizzy or find fault or do not like because they feel threatened.

Give someone else a chance to come sell your product, it is important to get a business network (not business network ya). If we close the opportunity for others then we will experience the opposite

Maintain relationships with suppliers as possible, because in this business we need are suppliers, no supplier then no automatic goods sold there are no buyers or sales.

If you do not like the excessive potential buyer in question, price, quantity, payment methods and more .. quite a lot to say sorry and thanks, and prospective purchasers of our time is more valuable and more valuable (strict to the point)

Do not ever try to blame other people what to buyers though obviously a mistake buyers, Discuss the solution to your problems with the buyer, and there are times when we are forced to lose it .. teirmalah premises gracefully along we've tried most. If not maximum effort, do not give up but do not try to escape responsibility.

Provide a description, terms and conditions clearly on your website

Taking too much can lead to our website will be less and less visited by people

The website is not updated and the price of goods, lazy advertising and promotion, could result in a similar

Your ad in the classifieds website to enhance the search sequence in a search engine (search engines: google, yahoo, etc.) as a back link to your website is a link to the classified ads, and keywords, deksripsi, as well as the title of your web page will come too jack up the rankings by search crawlers.

After each day of advertising and promotion in the classifieds, it usually takes to get a response from prospective buyers. For that patient alone, once you've known for the sale of certain products Inshallah will not be too long to get a response after the next ad.

Never send the goods to the buyer before the buyer transfers money into your bank

Do not sell items that far too many different types, for example on the website we are selling computers, then selling the food as well, and there are also selling the house and used goods, it would be very dubious buyers.

Always evaluate your suppliers, both in the quality of goods, services, and then the price. Because gratuitous cheaply but often returned consumer goods.

Beware if there are many orders to the quantity according to our capacity unless there is an official Purchase Order from the purchaser (usually a company)

Avoid transactions on Saturdays and Sundays, as Internet banking are often not updated on a holiday and also delivery service does not ship on holidays even though they still receive the goods to be shipped, but quite risky if the goods have to stay in service delivery a few days.

Look for your own way to convince buyers that you really really selling goods and not an impostor, please understand that buying and selling on the internet is also utilized many fraudsters

Be careful on that offer goods at prices too low to you. Eg phone offers with half price (black market), an electronic pulse at a price too low, etc.

Should dare to work hard, no one sit back and then be a millionaire exception of small children had become king malaysia.

Remember, the more your business will run more trials (test), but rest assured that this is merely a test to go up a level

The more critical success of your business and crowded, more and more people do not like you, so you have to be ready mentally and keep your attitude as much as possible to mute it, never show off to your business to someone other than yourself and rest assured there are many who are in upon us, and invite people to the business interests as a matter of sustenance we be sure that it is set as desired.

Never expect the slightest that your online store will bring you success and prosperity in the near future, even fruit trees within a certain time after the watered and cared for, so effort. Rest assured if we are consistent, diligent and willing to work hard will result in faster.

Intention to be rich treasures is a mistake because there is no real benefit to the rich treasure only. Besides, there are many others who even to eat everyday is not enough. The intention is that you know and there's a judge.

Dare to hard work, honesty, patience, a lot of prayer is the key to success in your business. What often makes people fail is because afraid to try and afraid to fail, And those who succeed are those who were never afraid to try and rise from failure. THANK YOU. Good luck to you

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